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Arshi Khan Claims She Had Sex With Shahid Afridi and is pregnant with his baby!

Arshi Khan has recently claimed that she slept with the Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Now she is pregnant with Shahid…

By Administrator in Sports on March 17, 2016

Arshi Khan has recently claimed that she slept with the Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Now she is pregnant with Shahid Afridi baby. Arshi Khan made this revelation on a news website. Shahid Afridi is in India for World ‪Twenty20.

Arshi Khan revealed that she and Shahid Afridi had sex with each other. Another Indian website had also claimed a few days ago that it possessed evidence of a private meeting between the Pakistani player and Indian model Arshi Khan. The meeting allegedly took place in Dubai. Arshi Khan had previously denied allegations of sex with Shahid Afridi while the latter had always claimed that they were good friends. The editor of a news website, Manish Pandey said that Afridi and Arshi had spent a whole day together in a hotel room in Dubai.

Arshi Khan claims she has medical and forensic evidence (including a torn, used condom – Ha, Ha, Ha) to prove that the baby she is carrying is none other than Afridi’s. She alleged to have saved the condom in the deep freezer when they had sex – as a token or remembrance of our love. “I did not know that I would get pregnant. Now the token of remembrance of our special day has become a token of proof for me,” Arshi Khan jokingly told IndiaNewsNetwork.IN.

In August-end 2015, Arshi Khan told media persons in a press conference that she had sex with Shahid Afridi. She had also stated at that time that “for her it was love and she did not need anyone’s permission to have sex with him.” She later on claimed in December 2015, that she had met Afridi again in Dubai.

Later on in January 2016, media in Dubai claimed that Afridi and Arshi were secretly married and that there was a Nikaah certificate to prove the marriage. A UAE tabloid which first published the news of the nuptials also published a blurred image of the nikaah certificate.

Arshi Khan was confronted with the evidence of her passionate meeting with Afridi in the Gulf, she did, at last, accept that there were ‘some private moments’ between them. She also categorically stated that she had slept with Afridi.

Now once again Pakistan cricket team’s arrival in India for World Cup 2016, Arshi Khan and her controversies have become headache for Shahid Afridi. Here is the latest video surfacing around:

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