The new season of Bigg Boss is started and in just no time contestants of the house have started grabbing the attention. A contestant from Bigg Boss 11 has drawn attention with her past. This contestant is none other than the most controversial model and an Indian actor Arshi Khan.

Arshi Khan has revealed something shocking in her past in 2015. She grabbed the limelight by saying that she had a physical relationship with a Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. In those days, she was spotted with Afridi in Dubai, that time she refused the rumors on Twitter. Arshi tweeted,  “I have lots of friends and relatives in Dubai and travel to Dubai very often. A lot of Pakistani cricketers are seen visiting, shopping and partying in Dubai and regular visitors to Dubai meet them often. This does not mean I am dating Afridi.”

Later she tweeted something which shocked everyone. Arshi tweeted the most controversial statement. Check it out:

Did you read what she tweeted? She is saying she had slept with the Pakistani cricketer. Then later in 2016, Arshi claimed that she was three months pregnant with Afridi’s child. But then she said it was “false news” about her pregnancy.

In the show Bigg Boss 11 we can see she is the one who creates a lot of drama inside the house. She created a fight between Shilpa and Vikas and now she is telling Akash to flirt with Jyoti Kumari. In the first episode of the show, she said that Afridi and she are still good friends and she respects him a lot.

It looks like she has the schedule to be in the limelight during her stay in the house.

As we have revealed the first nominations of this week soon we will tell you who is eliminated. Shilpa Shinde,  Zubair Khan, Arshi Khan, Jyoti Kumar, Bandgi Kalra these five contestants are nominated for the first-week elimination.

What do you guys think who will be eliminated? Share your views with us by commenting below. Stay tuned to us for latest updates of Bigg Boss 11.