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Are John Abraham & Priya Runchal Heading For Divorce?

According to a report, John Abraham and Priya Runchal‘s marriage is in trouble. Due to lack of time, distance is…

By Administrator in Bollywood on June 7, 2016

According to a report, John Abraham and Priya Runchal‘s marriage is in trouble. Due to lack of time, distance is coming between them, which is causing problems in their happy married life. The couple is said to be going through a rough patch over their long-distance relationship.

the latest gossip that has hit the B-town isn’t going well. If buzz is to be believed, all is not well between actor John Abraham and his two-year wife Priya Runchal who is an investment banker. While sources close to the actor say that nothing seriously wrong but they were quick to add that there’s nothing right even to go wrong.

John Abraham and Priya Runchal are heading towards ‘splitsville’ since both are unable to give time to each other. They are staying separately because of their hectic work schedules.  This is not the first time their relationship supposedly hit rock-bottom, last year similar reports were published in media. However, John dismissed all the rumors and was later spotted with his wife.

A colleague of John reveals, “They’ve drifted apart. There’s nothing seriously wrong between them. But then there was nothing so right between them for things to go wrong.” According to a source, the growing fault is due to their long-distance marriage.

The source added, “The couple is hardly together. Nowadays distance doesn’t make the heart grow fonder but makes the heart wander. John needs to spend time with his wife. But his career keeps him busy here and she too won’t take time off from her job in the US. She isn’t comfortable with John’s Bollywood friends either.”

Unlike other celebs wife, Priya makes very rare appearances at B-town events, that grabbed many eyeballs. But in a recent interview to a daily, John had revealed that Priya is a very private person and like a normal girl, she doesn’t enjoy much these B-town events.

Apparently, the professional life of both John an Priya is taking a toll on the couple’s relationship. The couple is hardly together. While John is based in Mumbai and busy with his films and shoots, Priya is working in US. She’s not taking time off from her job. It’s learnt that Priya too isn’t comfortable with John’s friends in the film industry. This is increasing difference between the couple.

There is something about 2016 that isn’t quite sitting well with those in love and in a relationship. This is also one of those years with an unusually high record of breakups and splits between couples. Just a few days ago there were rumors about trouble in Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra’s marriage, but thankfully those were only rumors considering that the couple were spotted celebrating together.

Is John Abraham & Priya Runchal’s Marriage In Trouble?

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