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‘Apple Watch 2’ release date to be announced on Today Apple event

Apple Watch 2 release date is anticipated to be announced on March 21 during Apple’s “Let us loop you in”…

By Administrator in Featured Technology on March 21, 2016

Apple Watch 2 release date is anticipated to be announced on March 21 during Apple’s “Let us loop you in” press event, which is bannered by an iPhone SE release.  Although there’s no confirmation from Apple that a new watch will be launched, analysts who have been covering the company release calendar note that credible leaks and rumors point to an April 2016 launching. Based on its yearly release cycle, Apple is expected to launch the second-generation smartwatch this April, according to MacWorld.

Apple Watch was rolled out last September 2014 and went on full sale in April of last year, about a year now that Apple analysts believe to merit a new version by next month.  Will we see the new smartwatch soon? 9to5Mac, a credible Apple analyst, said yes, detailing that the Apple Watch 2 will be unveiled on Monday but will only ship by April.The Apple Watch 2 may be unveiled in June during Apple Worldwide Developers Conference or WWDC 2016, together with the iOS 10. Another possible date is in September, during the rumored iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus product launch, as TechRadar reported.

Specs-wise, the Apple Watch 2 is said to be able to handle better native apps, has a standalone Wi-Fi connection and is able to make Face Time audio calls. Rumor has it that users can also watch videos and reply to emails. Many are expecting the upcoming smartwatch to be more independent from the iPhone. It is also expected to have an updated processor, better batter life, round face, Android OS compatibility and additional sensors such as GPS. Apple Watch 2 is hoped to include an ARM Cortex A32 processor. The new component means longer battery life, faster processing by 25%, and lower power usage. ARM Cortex A32 is designed to be more efficient but with less power consumption, making it a fit for future Internet of Things devices including smartwatches.

Lets take a look back at the Apple Watch, what has happened over the past years and speculate about new features in the Apple Watch 2.

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