Anupam Kher speech at a Telegraph National Debate 2016 sure has gathered all the attention on Twitter. Kher delivered a fiery speech lambasting all the Anti-Modi brigade and especially Congress leader RS Surjewala and Justice Ashok Ganguly. He pointed out all the problems that are being faced by the country and how the opposition has a hand in this imbalance of views thanks to the unnecessary “marketing” of tolerance and intolerance debate. Kher targeted Congress, accusing them of hypocrisy and double standards. He mocked and ridiculed the chief Opposition party in an impassioned speech.

He said the biggest form of intolerance in the country was during the emergency when all those people who spoke against the government were jailed. Mocking Rahul Gandhi, he said,

“Congress is the most tolerant in India because they are tolerating a person whom they want to project as a prime minister of this country. If you can tolerate that person then you can tolerate anything in the world. This is ridiculous. Did you hear the word intolerance before the last eight months? This has been marketed to take revenge for the defeat in the last elections.”


Anupam Kher Speech even added, corruption is “not being talked about” in the last two years while in the last ten years corruption was the most talked topic.



Bollywood actress Kajol said there are different types of intolerance and political intolerance is only one of them. She said:


“To make all social issues a political one is absolutely wrong. I also think that We have to work together to make a stronger and richer India and only then intolerance cease to exist. The debate on intolerance does not recognize this.”


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