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Anju Bobby George accuses Kerala sports minister EP Jayarajan of insulting her.

Olympian Anju Bobby George alleges that Kerala’s sports minister EP Jayarajan accused her of being corrupt and said she belongs…

By Administrator in News on June 9, 2016

Olympian Anju Bobby George alleges that Kerala’s sports minister EP Jayarajan accused her of being corrupt and said she belongs to the United Democratic Front (UDF) coalition, which was in power in Kerala until last month. Anju Bobby George, who heads the Kerala Sports Council, said that Jayarajan threatened her and other members of dire consequences, after accusing them of supporting an opposition party, reported The News Minute. George and the council members were meeting the new sports minister for the first time after Left Democratic Front came to power last month following the state Assembly elections.

Anju Bobby George and other council members had assembled for the first meeting with the Sports Minister when he accused them of being opposed to the ruling party. But it gets worse. He also allegedly demanded to know why George had travelled from Bangalore to Kerala by air a facility that she said has been sanctioned by the Finance Ministry.

“This is all against rules. I can stop all this,” Bobby George said the minister told her.”The minister said ‘this is all corruption’.” Indian Hockey captain P R Sreejesh and Kerala Cricket Association President, T C Mathew, are other members of the Council. Jayarajan accused them of the same things. “The minister said that all of us are involved in corruption. We are doing our duty. If the government is not ready to accept that, they can ask us to leave. But instead, calling all of us as corrupt was not acceptable,” she said.

Anju said she had not taken a decision yet. “We are sportspersons. I have a duty to inform the chief minister about his (Jayarajan’s) behaviour,” she said. Jayarajan, however, denied the charge and said Anju had parted “very happily” after meeting him. “No, never,” he told reporters when asked if, as Anju had alleged, he behaved rudely. He said he was not aware if the athlete had complained to the chief minister.

Anju has submitted a complaint with Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on this matter. Earlier, a day after being extensively trolled in the social media for his mistake describing late legendary boxer Muhammad Ali as a Keralite, Jayarajan admitted his “mistake.” In a Facebook post, the minister, who was mauled on social media, said “a mistake is a mistake” and hoped the state’s enlightened people and sports personalities would understand his folly.

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