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Anil Kumble, Virat Kohli and Indian Cricket Team Joins Drum Circle With Vasundhara Das

Anil Kumble, has brought a refreshing change in preparation of the Indian cricket team as the members had a unique…

By Administrator in Cricket on July 4, 2016

Anil Kumble, has brought a refreshing change in preparation of the Indian cricket team as the members had a unique team bonding session with acclaimed actor-musician Vasundhara Das group ‘Drumjam’ at the National Cricket Academy in Bengaluru. Anil Kumble, is taking the route of an unique bonding session designed to build further team chemistry and music remains an integral part of the exercise.

Indian cricket team along with Anil Kumble tried their hand on drums with Vasundhara Das as part of a team-bonding exercise ahead of the West Indies tour.


On Sunday, the players were involved in a team-building session where India’s ODI skipper MS Dhoni and the Caribbean-bound players for the Test series played the African drum. The activity, which lasted for nearly 30 minutes, was conducted by singer Vasundhara Das and her team.

What the Indian team did was called ‘Drum Circle’. It is an activity where “a group of people seated in a circle, plays drums together”.

‘Drum Circle’ is considered to be a rhythm based activity, which is a “great way to communicate, team building, transcending barriers, improves group communication and harmony, a sense of belonging, stress-relief, discovering creativity, Energising participants, Improving focus”.

BCCI released a picture of the Indian team members enjoying a musical session with Vasundhara, who has also acted in critically acclaimed films like Hey Ram (with Kamal Hassan) and Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding.

The Indian Cricket team also participated in bonding session as a part of preparations for the tour. Check the videos below:

Anil Kumble has been involved in various team-building exercises and in one of them players are split in two groups explaining the tough competition of international cricket to junior cricketers.

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