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An Indian Man Burned Alive In Brisbane, Australia In Front Of The Civilians

An Indian-origin bus driver, 29 years old, was burned to death on 28 october 2016, Friday when a man set him…

By Administrator in International News on October 29, 2016

An Indian-origin bus driver, 29 years old, was burned to death on 28 october 2016, Friday when a man set him on fire after pouring some flammable liquid on him in front of terrorized passengers in Brisbane town of Australia. Manmeet Alisher, the victim, who was driving a Brisbane City Council bus, was targeted by a man who threw a “flammable device” at him which sparked a fire. Manmeet is a well-known singer in the Punjabi community in Australia, he died on the spot while several passengers on the bus managed to escape through the rear door.

Six people were rushed to a nearby hospital for smoke inhalation and some minor injuries. A 48-year aged man was taken into custody regarding the incident in Australia. According to Police Commissioner Ian Stewart, Detectives from South Brisbane district and the state crime command’s homicide group have started a homicide investigation.

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As a mark of respect for the Alisher, flags will be flown at half-mast across Brisbane in Australia on Saturday, 29 October 2016 . Police Commissioner Stewart stated out that, it can be any possibilities of the attack being a racially motivated one, saying there was no such indication. He also told that There is no proof at this time of any linkage or connection to any terrorist type activities.

A Sardar Burned Alive In Australia In Front Of The Civilians

Stewart also commented that while they do not know the actual motive of the attack at this stage, he wants to reassure the Indian community that they will take these incidents very seriously and that is why as a precaution, officers from the state security and counter-terrorism group have also been involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, the Punjabi community of Brisbane expressed shock over the death of Manmeet Alisher.

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