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Here Are 6 Amazing Places For Street Food In Jaipur.

The street food of Jaipur is not only loved by the locals but is also popular among the visitors. Peppered…

By Administrator in Food Travel on May 21, 2016

The street food of Jaipur is not only loved by the locals but is also popular among the visitors. Peppered with a range of small-in-area but high-on-taste food joints, this vibrant desert city has a lot to offer when it comes to food. From going crazy over the tangy golgappas at Chawla’s and tasting crispy pyaaz kachoris at Rawat Misthan Bhandar to getting your hands dirty at Sethi Bar-Be-Que; the Jaipur’s street food will leave you longing for more.

The narrow lanes of the Pink City are bustling with such street side food vendors selling almost everything, be it a cool glass of lassi, a variety of omelettes or kulfi faludas. Think thick, milky lassi with its generous layer of malai, spicy pyaaz kachoris dipped in a tangy, delicious chilli chutney, ‘panipuri’, or Jaipur’s very own version of the Golgappas the vibrant desert city of Jaipur has a lot to offer foodies. The streets of the Pink City are full of famous food stalls that make up the colourful cuisine of the city.

Here are 6 amazing places for street food in Jaipur.

1. PaniPuri At Chawla’s


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Chawla’s is located at Fashion Street, Lane No.1, Raja Park, Jaipur. Chawla’s is famous for Golgappe and Sweets. Panipuri loves must try this place. For all the golgappa (pani patashi) fanatics, Hotel Chawla and Nand on Fashion Street, Raja Park are an absolute heaven. Dipped in spicy, sweet and tangy chutneys, these custom-made wonders served here are quite famous in the city. Both these competitor stalls stand opposite to each other and lure customers with their mouthwatering golgappas.

2. Pyaaz Kachori at Rawat Misthan Bhandar


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Pyaaz Pakodi needs no introduction to people in Jaipur. It is a cirspy crust filled with a lightly and sesoned onion filling. A must visit if you’re in Jaipur, Rawat Mishthan Bhandar is the most famous and the best in all of Jaipur for its Pyaaz Kachodi.

3. Lassi at Lassiwala


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When roaming the streets, Jaipur’s lassi makes a great drink. Try Lassiwala on MI Road. For quaffs that’ll give you a bigger high, the sweet and sour lassi here will instantly rejuvenate you with its freshness. To enjoy these thick, buttery and revitalising coolers, make sure to visit early as the shop often runs out on lassi after 4 pm in the evening.

4. Omelettes at Sanjay’s


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Sanjay Omelette in Bapu Nagar, which serves more than 20 varieties of omelettes. The place is owned by Sanjay Sharma, who was also a participant of the famous show called the Masterchef India. He has been running this place for more than two decades now and people from all across the city visit here to enjoy the wide range of omelettes. Two of the most popular dishes here are the egg pizza and masala omelette, which are simply delicious.

5. Chicken Tikka at Sethi’s


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Sethi’s at 220, Gali No.1 Raja Park will serve you with their finger licking good lahsoon chicken tikka and Haryali Chicken tikka. This place will definitely leave you craving for more. which is believed to serve best chicken tikka and tandoori in Jaipur. Having a dhaba-style atmosphere, this little food joint is quite a craze among the non-vegetarian crowd of the city. People prefer to eat inside their cars here so a long row of cars can be seen parked outside the restaurant. Served with tandoori rotis, masala, chutney, onion rings and lemon, these tantalisingly delicious chicken tikkas will definitely leave you longing for more.

6. Kulfi Faluda At Bapu Bazaar


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The best kulfi faluda in Jaipur, visit the shop number 28 on Link road at Bapu Bazaar. The taste of these kulfis will take you down the memory lane reminding you of your joyous childhood. The shop has an ideal location for classic street food experience, in the middle of all crazy noise and chaos. So, do take some time out and visit here to sample their creamy kulfis, which are considered best in the city.

Above list of places where you can find inexpensive authentic Food in Jaipur.

Tangy and spicy always attracts all age groups people. In india, street foods are not treat as food or meal. Street food is like a starter or dessert for the foodie and area specialist for the seller too. Jaipur caters all the tongue tasters streets food at different locations in city.

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