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All your ‘Dear Zindagi’ Alia Bhatt outfits in your big wardrobe under your budget.

‘Dear Zindagi’ starring Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan was a long awaited movie but unfortunately did not manage to do…

By Administrator in Fashion on December 14, 2016

‘Dear Zindagi’ starring Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan was a long awaited movie but unfortunately did not manage to do a big hit on Box office. Alia Bhatt has been an idol for many for her phenomenal outfits and her footwear collection. The cute little Bollywood actors who have rocked the industry in this age is appreciable. We all have seen her pretty casual looks in Dear Zindagi and are attracted towards the clothes she has worn. These casual clothes are just so comfortable for the daily wear that wish to have the same outfit. Here are all those outfits of Alia you wish could be added to your wardrobe in a very reasonable price.

1.Trending outfit.

This off shoulder tops have been trending in a long way and do not seem to go out of fashion. While ripped jeans have become everyone’s favorite in this generation people are even doing their normal jeans into ripped. This outfit is just so comfortable everywhere and adds a good outfit for your casuals.

pink top

2. Your Long summer maxi’s.

The long loose maxi’s are just so soft and comfortable you no more need to wear fitting pants and t-shirt. The maxi’s are long and the design itself need no other added dress up on it. Just a little accessory with your beautiful maxi dress and you’re ready for the hot summer day outside.


3. The Denim game on.

Denim is the never ending trending for all more youngest. Who wouldn’t prefer a loose denim shirt and jeans and tie your hair in a bun and just move out? Comfortability is every girl’s priority. Gone the time when they are at home with a dress on.

4. Hotness & Cuteness.

Shorts have been the most comfortable wear on for every girl. The loose tops and shrugs are the trendiest with them. Just put your hands inside your pockets your strip tops makes you hot and your cute little shorts make you cute. What else do you expect from your outfit?


5. Cape it up.

Capes have recently been a lot of fashion and the plain ones are just so attractive. Put on your plain cape and wear your ripped jeans with shoes they will go best. That’s what Alia did too and it is like really awesome maximized in one package altogether.

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