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Akshay Kumar-Twinkle Khanna completes 16 yrs of marriage and proves to be the best 'Partner in crime'.

Akshay Kumar- Twinkle Khanna are Bollywood’s one of the most naughtiest couples their goof-ups are non-ending. ‘Funnybones’ Twinkle Khanna’s recent book had gained a lot of fame and was in the gossips on social media for a long while. While Akshay Kumar is B-town’s superhero and has given Box office hit movies, wife Twinkle Khanna is a famous author. Akshay-Twinkle makes a very cute and adorable couple.
Akshay-Twinkle has completed 16-years of their marriage. This couple instead of hiding anything and keeping it mushy they used social media to make their anniversary special. Fans were happy as they shared their happy day with them connecting to them through the Internet. They have shared a Boomerang video of both were Twinkle comes to kick Akshay out, but Akshay tries to resist they are mad. HAHAHA! You will have ROFL if you see how mad they behave in real life never will it seem that they are such big people.
Akshay Kumar-Twinkle Khanna completes 16 yrs of marriage and proves to be the best 'Partner in crime'. 1
The video which is going viral on social media in their Tweet attached with the video seems like the couple over 16years is just trying to kill each other. Twinkle even admits that Akshay is her best ‘Partner in Crime’ isn’t that so cool? The duo seems to manage the marriage pretty well having a personal identification too with their cute kids. We all know about Twinkle Khanna’s sense of humor, and this video is proof to our thought.

Here is the awaited video which Twinkle Khanna tweets on Twitter with a unique wish.

The couple who got hitched in 2001 have both been and are still the best actors of Bollywood cinema. They both have worked together in films like Zulmi and International Khiladi. They had their first child a boy Aarav in 2002, and after ten years they had a cute little daughter named Nitara. Akshay-Twinkle will be seen together not in any film but the same project.

Happy Anniversary! May you have the craziest love life forever.

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