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After This Week’s Eviction Salman Khan Get’s Emotional. This Eviction Is Shocking For Everyone.

The eviction time has come, as we all know Bigg Boss 10 show started with celebrity and Commoners teams. After…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on December 18, 2016

The eviction time has come, as we all know Bigg Boss 10 show started with celebrity and Commoners teams. After sometime BB announced that all are now equal in the house no one is celebrity no one is a commoner. This week 5 contestants are nominated Nitibha, Manveer, Lopamudra, VJ Bani and Rahul. In this week’s eviction, it’s difficult to say who will be evicted from the house.

This week’s eviction is shocking and unexpected. We reveal, the contestant who is eliminated is none other than Rahul Dev. Yes, you read it right Rahul Dev is evicted in this week’s eviction. Rahul Dev was not playing an interesting game most of the time he was not seen much in the tasks. Outside the house, he has much popularity. Before entering the house Rahul revealed he is on the show for his financial reasons and he came in the show for his son Siddharth. Siddharth is studying in abroad and for that Rahul is in need of money for his son’s education.

Rahul Dev Is Evicted In This Week And Star Salman Gets Emotional Over His Eviction.

We have seen Rahul Dev on the big screen and he is popular of negative roles played by him. But, inside the Bigg Boss house, we have seen him normal as other human beings. Before also many times Rahul was nominated but he used to get safe but this time it’s bad luck for him as his journey has come to an end in the show. Even star host Salman khan is upset with his evictions.

Our Bhaijaan was shocked by this eviction and got emotional for Rahul. This has happened first time in the season. Before Rahul walked out of the show Salman had amazing communication with him. The star got emotional and said how they both have worked together in the movies and in future also they will be seen together on the big screen.

How all the housemates will react after Rahul’s eviction must watch the full episode. What do you guys say about his eviction? Please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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