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After One Year This Nigerian Boy Named "Hope" Is Healthy And Has Also Started His School

This photo of this Nigerian boy has been viral on Internet from January 2016, but many of them ignored it thinking it is fake, but this is the reality, the boy is real and here is his story. One year ago the Aid Workers in Nigeria, Danish had saved a two-year-old kid who was about to die due to malnutrition. Danish is working hard to give new life to Witch Children’s, and she has done a fair justice to this kid.
Anja Ringgren Loven, the founder of African Children’s Aid Education and Development Foundation. Anja uploaded a picture of the kid drinking water from the bottle, and the picture broke our hearts. It was before 8-9 months, the condition of the kid was not at all good. Then the NGO Dinnoedhjaelp took that child and named him Hope.
nigerian boy hope
They had done a treatment for Hope, and soon he was recovered. In few months he gained weight, and his health was improved so much. This has happened in January 2016; Danish received a call that the 2-3 years old kid is malnourished she went to save the child. Now after a year later Hope is perfectly fine, healthy and has started going to school. Hope is looking so cute in the School Uniform.
Nigeria is a superstitious country, and the people leave their kids saying they are a witch. Anja Ringgren Lovén and her partner David save such kinds of kids and up bring them. Given below is the video of healthy Hope having fun.

When Anja found him, he was like this.

After One Year This Nigerian Boy Named "Hope" Is Healthy And Has Also Started His School 1
In one year Hope’s life is changed and filled with Love, care, and Happiness. Now he is going to school, and this is the best thing for him.

Great job was done by Anja.

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