After Mohammed Shami's Father's Death He Is Back In Training

On Friday, the cricketer Mohammed Shami‘s father passed away. The demise of his death has brought sadness to the Indian Cricket team and his family. The cricketer’s brother Mohammed Asif said that Mohammed Shami keeps his country first from his personal life tragedy. Due to many injuries, Shami has missed many International Matches, and he has a hard time on the pitch. Recently, when the third Test was there between India and England Shami was injured in his knees.
Shami is the fast bowler in the Indian Cricket team, and now he is in Banglore for the training at National Cricket Academy. He went back to Delhi as his father was not well and he was being treated there.
After Mohammed Shami's Father's Death He Is Back In Training 1
Shami’s brother Asif revealed that Mohammed Shami decided to go back to his training academy in Banglore instead of staying in Delhi and mourn for his father.
Asif Mohammed said to sportskeeda, “He wasn’t well in Moradabad for a long time, then we had to shift to Delhi for his treatment”. He added, “Bhai came once back in January itself before leaving for Bengaluru. Certain members of the family asked him to stay, but he replied that India is as much of a father to him and he couldn’t deny that duty either.”
Asif also said that Shami is getting ready to participate in Australia’s tour to India in next month. Asif even said “He was very emotional, but decided to go back to training, knowing that his recovery ahead of the Australia series is paramount for the national team’s plan there. Now, I know that he’s going to give his best performance till date in his next series”.“I’m sure he must be thinking in his head that he could have stayed back, but he made the right decision.”
Mohammad Shami had a difficult time though he came back to taining academy in Banglore.

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