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After Elimination from Bigg Boss 10 Professor Navin blasts on Rahul Dev

In Bigg Boss 10 there was a fourth elimination round and Naveen Prakash is eliminated, this time also another commoner has left the house. Manveer and Lokesh were saved but unfortunately Naveen was not. The fight was between Navin and Rahul Dev. After coming out of the house Naveen said Rahul is ‘inactive’ and ‘non-performer’ Navin blasted at Rahul because he does not perform well in the house. Navin even said that Rahul is ‘zero’ inside the house.

Naveen said, “I enjoyed my journey inside the house. It was all good, there’s no disappointment, no bitter experience, no hatred for anybody.  I am just upset because I gave my 100% in these four weeks in all the tasks and kept a team together and united, but then also I am voted out. Rahul was nominated with me but still he is inside the house.” Naveen talked this in an interview.

Now again new nominations week, we have seen in the trailer there is going to be a big heated argument between all the contestants because Bigg Boss told them to nominate 4 most boring contestants. Manu goes to hit Swami Ji as he touches Mona inappropriately. We will be seeing Mona blaming Swami OmJi for his bad behavior. All the housemates will be seen fighting in the house.

Things get super heated between Manu and Swami Omji.

Don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode. There are so many interesting things and fights between the housemates. Will Rahul dev will be nominated this week also?? Please do Share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

Navin Prakash blasts Rahul Dev after coming out of the show.

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