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After Bani, Here Is The New Captain Of Bigg Boss House: Breaking News From BB 10

As each day is passing contestants of Bigg Boss 10 are becoming stronger and now they have started playing game…

By Administrator in Bigg Boss on November 17, 2016

As each day is passing contestants of Bigg Boss 10 are becoming stronger and now they have started playing game with planning and strategies. One month is finished, the contestants are getting more into fights and arguments and now BB is very interesting to watch. As we all know Bigg Boss is not that easy, all the contestants have to struggle so much to be in the house.

In last night’s episode we saw that Rohan’s team won the luxury budget task. After that Bigg Boss gave new task to all the contestants for the captaincy. Well in tonight’s episode, you will see the new captaincy task which is called, “Captaincy Tournament”. Bigg Boss gave two captaincy tasks between Lopamudra Vs Karan Mehra and Rohan Mehra Vs Rahul Dev.

Bigg Boss told Lopa and Karan to stand stiffly on one leg at a good height. Rahul and Rohan were given a task in which their hands and legs are tied up as we all have seen it in the trailer. They both have to finish the task in a very unique way with the support of their body and back. This tournament was for a day and from these four, one will become new captain of the house after Bani.

So in the first half of the task, Lopamudra and Rohan Mehra won have the task from each teams respectively. Now its time to vote for them and decide who will be the new captain and all the housemates will vote for them and te one with the most votes will be the new captian of the house.

Can you guess who will be the new captain of the house? Its none other than Rohan Mehra, yes Rohan is the new captain of the house and now VJ Bani have to hand over her throne to Rohan Mehra. When all the housemates voted for both of them Lopamudra got 4 votes and Rohan got 5 votes. Now we have to see how Rohan manages everything in the house and the housemates too.

What you guys think how will Rohan handle the captaincy? Stay tuned with us for more exclusive updates on Bigg Boss 10 and dont forget to share your thoughts with us by commenting below.

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