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After Army Chief's Warning, Video Of Our Soldier Singing About Life On Border Goes Viral.

A few days back, a soldier uploaded a video about their tough life on the border. Then he was transferred to a job of Plumber. The series of the video were uploaded how they are facing problems at the Border. These things forced the Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat to warn the soldiers. He strictly warned the soldiers if anyone now uploads any video they should be ready to face the serious results.
After some hours of Cheif’s warning, a new video of Soldier came out, who is singing about their tough life and problems faced at the border. The video of Sikh soldier has gone viral on the Internet. In the video the Sikh Soldier is singing, “It has been 10 months now, I am not getting days off; all the tears have fallen from her eyes. One who is married to us, she feels neither married nor unmarried.” In the video it looks like they are around the canteen, the soldier is singing while his mates are standing around him.
The Soldier sings song in Punjabi language, but as per Hindi it says when others are having tasty food in hotels, we are eating roti with pickle. He sings, even during the festivals the soldiers are on duty all the time and politicians sleep peacefully at their house.
The video has not been taken to complain about anythng, they had shot this video when they had a private get-together. It is still not clear where the video was taken, date, location nothing is cleared.

Watch the video here.

Here are the lyrics of the song which is so emotional.

“Politicians are not concerned about the jawans of military
They wish good night and sleep
Soldiers celebrate their Diwali on the borders
While people in Delhi and Mumbai are engrossed in sleep,
We move towards trenches
We are not concerned with salad and fried foods,
We are satisfied with whatever is cooked in our community kitchen,
You have dinner at Taj and we have pickle on roti
When we broad-chest soldiers stand on guard, no one can think of crossing the border
An AK 47 is like a paternal blessing on our shoulder
It has been ten months that
I have not got an off
All the tears have flown from her eyes
The one who is married to us,
she feels neither married nor unmarried.”
Whether this video is of complaint or a private, it narrates the feelings of the Soldiers. SALUTE TO ALL THE SOLDIERS.

Everyone must listen this as it is so heart touching. You can see how soldiers are living a tough life.

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