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An Accident In Meghalaya Killed 30 As Bus Falls Into Gorge.

A passenger bus skidded off a mountain road and fell into a gorge in India’s remote northeastern state of Meghalaya, killing at least 30 people. While the accident occurred at around 10 PM on Tuesday, the police rescue operation that was launched only on Wednesday morning suffered due to heavy rains as well as difficult land. When the operations were called off for the day at sunset on Wednesday, the police could recover only seven bodies.

Source: inewstoday.net

Meghalaya director general of police said, “It was raining heavily and visibility was low when the night service bus veered off the road and fell into the 180-metre-deep gorge.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today expressed deep pain over the loss of lives in the bus mishap in Meghalaya and said his prayers are with the families of the deceased.

“Deeply pained by the loss of lives caused by a bus mishap in Meghalaya’s East Jaintia Hills District,” PM Modi tweeted.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the deceased in this hour of grief,” he said in another tweet.

Hindustan Times quoted, Lethindra Sangma as saying, “The bus had about 35 people, and the gorge is so deep that the chances of their survival are slim.” With no electricity, rescue operations have become more difficult. Police is yet to ascertain what is the actual cause of the incident.

A bus fell into a deep gorge near Sonapur in East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya.

The place of occurrence had very poor network facilities so rescue team was finding it difficult to establish connection with the district headquarters for additional reinforcement to intensify the rescue operations. The injured were admitted to a hospital in Shillong.


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