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Abraham wants to be in every picture, says father Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan may rule the B-town and also on the big screen, but Abraham is quite crazy o being…

By Administrator in Bollywood Gossips on January 27, 2017

Shah Rukh Khan may rule the B-town and also on the big screen, but Abraham is quite crazy o being online and everywhere on the social media. The superstar says that his youngest son Abraham Khan always wants to be in the pictures when his father clicks a picture of himself. The 51-year-old SRK feels that Abraham has got used to everyone and also the people in SRK’s team and loves waving his hands to this fans.
In an interview, SRK says that each and everyone is so kind so to his youngest son including the media. HE also says that Abraham is used to everyone in his team because he has been traveling with SRK for most of the time this year. He was with SRK for 2 3  months while shooting for Imtiaz Ali. While returning from Dubai SRK shared saying that everybody was clicking pictures with me and further said that I would stand here and then once all the pictures are done I will board the train. He also stated that Abraham wants to be in every picture with me.


It was half way through that the bodyguard Ravi took him away, and that disturbed him a lot, and he said that let me take pictures. SRK says that he has started to speak a lot and now he has begun giving me a lowdown on demonization as well.

SRK recently made a train journey from Delhi to Mumbai for the promotion of his film Raees; he says that after such a long time I have traveled on the train. He further said that it would be wonderful if Abraham could have joined him in the train promotion. He says that he doesn’t know how inconvenient it would be to take him on a train as he has never been, but it would be wonderful as he is filled ith fun and does not give me much of trouble.

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