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Abhay Deol Said Banning Pakistani Artists Is An Act Of Hypocrisy And He is Not Taking The Government Seriously.

Recently, Abhay Deol was spotted in an award function where the nephew of the film actor Dharmendra Deol aka Indian He-Man was also asked some questions regarding the banning of pakistani artist situation and by taking the advantage of the freedom of speech he said what he felt was needed the most. The actor said what he thinks about the current situation and what could be done in this type of situation.

Last month the Government imposed a ban. The ban was imposed on casting of Pakistani Artist into an indian film by Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association (COEA) because of some political issues and the URI attack on our nation India. According to the ban imposed by the Government, none of Indian films and film-makers are allowed to cast any Pakistani artist into their film or video album or any song. After this, a political party known as MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena) came into action and started opposing the release of ADHM. ADHM is a Karan Johar film which was made before the attacks and has the casting of Fawad Khan (a pakistani actor) in it.

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Bollywood got divided and every one has his/her personal opinion on the act passed by the Government or COEA but, they all got united once again to support the release of Karan Johar’s ADHM. Many bollywood celebrities were asked question upon the imposition of the law by the Government and the opinions of the political parties in India regarding banning of ADHM and they answered it like a boss(some of them). Abhay Deol too was asked questions upon the current scenario in the nation and the actor answered it truthfully. Kindly watch the video for more information on his comments, link below.

Abhay Deol Comments On Government’s Decision. The Actor Said, He Does Not Take The Government Seriously. The Video Says It All, Do Have A Look.

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