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Aamir Khan’s Dangal Get’s Trolled In The Social Media Hall…LOL

The trailer of Aamir khan starring Dangal just came out and people went crazy over it. It has over 15 million views on YouTube. The promotion activity of the movie is going on a large scale. Apart from the views and the other promotion of the movie, people have found out something funny and it is just trending on Twitter. You gotta see these famous line from the trailer of movie Dangal ‘ab dangal hoga’ got trolled and people on twitter had super fun time trolling.

1. This guy’s Dangal is about gifting artificial jewellery. 

2. This guy says about the relation of siblings and this always happens with me.

3. Weekend and work means Dangal for him.

4. This is the issue of every relationship and this topic has always been funny.

The trolls are not over yet, there is more to it and you will surely enjoy it. You must also see that why we should not to boycott Dangal.

5. When you break mom’s expensive dinner set… lol

6. Many people relate to this post and it is legit.

7. Sister’s are the war machine. 

8. Spicy food is yum but you also need to take car of your bum.

9. This is a major issue now…haha.

10. Biriyani is always chicken, veg is just called as Pulav.

Positive or Negative, Directly or Indirectly the movie is just getting promoted and it is good for the movie and will help it to score good. Before also Aamir Khan movies have been trolled and trolling the famous dialogues has become a trend in bollywood. People love to do this as it creates a fun environment and keeps them updated or in trend.


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