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A Women In Bihar’s Muzaffarpur District Was Burned Alive By An Anonymous Person

In Muzaffarpur district of Bihar a woman junior Engineer, engaged with MGNREGA work in Bihar was burnt alive by an anonymous or unidentified persons at her home, police said on Tuesday. The victim was tied in a chair at her rented house which is in Bajrang Vihar colony and comes under Ahiapur police station and burnt alive according to Senior Superintendent of Police Vivek Kumar.

The incident is suspected to have been taken place on 23rd of october 2016  at night which is Sunday and the crime came to notice after neighbours cried foul over a strong and very unpleasant smell coming out of the Engineer’s house. She was aged between 35-40, she is mother of two children and a resident of Sitamarhi. She was alone at her home when the crime was committed.

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The house owner Vijay Gupta in Muzaffarpur district where the incident happened has been taken into custody by the local police in connection with the killing as reported by the SSP. SSP also said that the victims colleagues were also questioned about the motive behind the killing.

The House Where Sarita Devi Was Tied To The Chair And Burned Alive

The local authorities should find the culprit soon and solve the case as soon nas possible. The rate of the crime done over women is increasing day by day and we must put an effort to stop this and make a safe nation and a world for women according to me.

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