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A Who Girl Miraculously Survives After Being Run Over By A Mumbai Local Train Has An Important Message For Us

A video which is getting viral on the internet these days which shows a girl who got hit by the train and still survived is the topic of talk today. A girl was crossing the tracks while talking on the phone and a train hit her, instead of running another side she ran towards the track but it was her luck and a miracle that she survived and was hurt with a minor injury.

Pratiksha Natekar who was saved from the death to spoke to a well-known news channel NDTV and said she had earphones and was listening to music so she didn’t hear the train coming towards her.

Right after this incident took place in her life Pratiksha Natekar has a special message for all of us as she says, she would appeal to everyone to not plug in earphones while using the railway’s and t to never use headphones while boarding a train or waiting for a train.

Have a look at the shocking incident of the girl and a miracle –

Natekar even said that all the passengers must use overhead bridges or pathway to cross the platform instead of using tracks.

The video was shot by a passenger which showed her panicking and running towards the train.  Then she freezes, turns around and covers her face and the train hits her and knocks her over.

Cover Image: Youtube Screenshot

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