A three month old puppy was thrown from terrace and died in Chembur.

What’s wrong wit humans? The most loyal pets dogs are being treated in our society in such a harassing manner. We love dogs and treat them like our family member, but this seems not the case with everyone. Shocking! This is the second incident in Mumbai where a puppy has flung from the terrace in just past one week, and it’s shameful. The first incident which took place was in Goregaon for killing a dog. That’s so ridiculous.
A two stored building in Chembur had a case where a 3-months-old puppy died after it was flung from a terrace. Around 5.30pm on Tuesday a 45-year-old complainant first heard the whining of the puppy. After the residence of the building heard the loud whining of the dog a man saw him down hit hard but could not see the person who threw the dog.

A three-month-old puppy died after it was allegedly flung off the terrace in Chembur, Mumbai.


Th dog was in a limping stage on the ground before it died saw the sister of the complainant. After the lady saw the dog, she immediately called for Emergency Response Coordinator of PETA who then advised her to even lodge a complaint to the police office. Unfortunately, the dog died, and the body was sent for postmortem. The reports stated that the dog died due to natural death.
After all this, the FIR was lodged under section 429 of the Indian Penal Code for Mischief by killing or maiming cattle. There were two eyewitnesses to the incident while five suspects in the case. While there are no CCTV cameras around the area, there is no footage as proof.

Shameful! Please Stop harassing animals. They are better species than human beings.

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