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A Student From B.Com Fills The Answer Sheet With Abuses Just To Pass An Exam

Till what extent would you go to pass the exam if you are not prepared for it? At some point,…

By Administrator in News Viral on February 8, 2017

Till what extent would you go to pass the exam if you are not prepared for it? At some point, we all want to do something and get pass marks. In Ahmedabad, the university exams are going on, and most of the students are stressed. When a student is not prepared for their exam, they go to an extent just to get pass in exam. One of the students from evaluators of Gujarat University has found quite sad for the examination. There was an exam of Statistics for Semester 1, and one of the students wrote abuses and threats in the answer sheet to his professor just to pass an exam.
Probably this student will be thrown out of the college and will waste a couple of years of his studies. The Exam Coordinator has informed to the university about the wrong thing done by the student. The head officers are finding out that this student has done it only for this exam or he has done it for all the exams. The officer is said to file a case against him for using unfair means in exams.

An office sir said to media that the Examination Reform Committee would give decision what to do. He also said that same thing happened three years back when a student wrote abuses in his answer sheet. That time the results were canceled for all the semester exams, and this was the punishment for that student. It happened at the same University.
Now we need to wait and watch what action will be taken for the student. We hope everything comes up with a good lesson for him and other students as well who thinks do to this kind of thing.
Students must study and should not do such bad things which can ruin our lives.
We hope soon we see the education days better in India.

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