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A passenger received Rs. 9.15 lakh bill from Ola driver for 450 km journey

Ola passenger was left in shock after receiving a bill worth Rs. 9 lakh from the Ola driver in Hyderabad. Rathish Sekhar, who works as a private consultant on government projects had booked Ola cab from the app-based services for a 450 km trip on August 24. He started his trip from Jubilee Hills at 7:57 am and after a two-hour break at Nizamabad he returned in the same cab at 5.16 pm.

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The Ola app had shown him an estimate of Rs. 5,000 for a total of 450 km, but it turned to be Rs 9.15 lakh later for shocking 85,427 km of distance travelled.

Ola charge
Source: tech.firstpost.com

Speaking to Deccan Chronicle, Rathish Sekhar said, “When I booked the cab the estimate shown on my phone was about Rs 5,000. When I actually returned, the bill showed Rs 9.15 lakh. There were no dots  between the numericals. For example, some times the bill amount is displayed as ‘9158.87’ which would mean Rs 9,158. But even Rs 9,000 would be almost double the estimate.”

Even cab driver Sunil Kumar was shocked and told Mr Sekhar that he could buy two Indica cars with the amount. Rathish Sekhar refused to pay the bill and asked the driver to re-check the amount. The driver called the Ola support staff who then calculated the amount to be just Rs 4,812. The company has apologized for the incident and said that it was a computer error.

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