A passenger Birju Salla, Who was travelling from a business class flier on board a Jet Airways flight 9W 7129 from Mumbai to Rajkot on July 6. Birju Sall shocked when he found that the breakfast platter served to him by the airline a spread of paratha, croissant, fruits and chana masala with cooked dead cockroach on it.

Birju Salla, a vegetarian fell ill immediately. The crew instead of actually offering medical aid just offered to to replace his meal. But on reaching Rajkot, he was not able to work due to immense stomachache.

Birju-Salla (1)
Source: mid-day.com

Birju Salla told NDTV, “I have never seen such an act of gross negligence from an airline crew. All they could offer was a replacement meal. Pathetic!” said Salla. “I had to eventually consult my Mumbai doctor over the phone and he prescribed medicines. My plans for the day went for a toss because of their negligence,” he added.

Birju Salla then complained to the airline authorities via email. “I am a regular premier JP Platinum flyer. You just can’t imagine the state of my mind. I have been harassed by your so-called esteemed airline.”

Jet Airways later issued an apology and regretted the inconvenience caused to Birju Salla.