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A Mumbai Businessman Tries To Jump Like Baahubali Prabhas At Waterfall, Results In Death

How many of you read the warnings that come on the screens of the TV while watching a movie? There…

By Abhinav D Anand in News on July 21, 2017

How many of you read the warnings that come on the screens of the TV while watching a movie? There are very few who does that and we know it. At the time people forget the warning line which shows the difference between real and reel life and end’s up their life by doing such things in real life.

The Same case has been done by a Mumbai businessman, Indrapal Patil. Last week Indrapal Patil visited a waterfall at Mahuli fort in Shahapur and lost his life. He tried to jump like Baahubali Prabhas at the waterfall on 14th July and died. Patil tried to do a scene which is shown in the movie ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ where the hero Prabhas makes a leap.

As per the report from Mumbai Mirror, Patil’s brother Mahendra expressed the shock they got from the news. He told, they were shocked when Police informed them that Patil fell from a height and died. His wife was shocked more than, everyone. He says, someone might have planned to attack or he was pushed by someone. May be this happened accidentally or anyone played with him.

The people who were present had a something different to tell the police. The Shahapur police Inspector BH Pawar said The eyewitnesses said that Patil Jumped from a height and he tried to land on his feet, but he missed and went under the water. Then friends brought him out. It looks like these leaps came by the Jump in the movie Baahubali.

Shahapur Police thinks that people are trying to copy the character of Prabhas from Baahubali. People climb up and then jump into the water. This is not the first case, there were many cases when people tried to do stunts which are shown in the movies and have lost their lives. Even when the movie Krissh came there were so many news that he tried to do krissh stunt.

Now because of this incident Police needs to write to the forest department to make the prime tourist spot a no-entry zone. Police Mahesh told to Mumbai Mirror, they have done everything from making people aware of all these things. But the youngsters anyhow find the way and cross us. “We have written to the forest department to shut the gates that lead to the waterfall”. They can’t allow anyone to come in this area, as anyone will try to jump like “Baahubali”. We think people are missing to enjoy the nature’s beauty and are losing their lives.

It is clearly written on the Screen that “The stunts are performed by professionals. Don’t try this at home.”  Then why can’t people understand it?

We hope everyone understands this and doesn’t do these kinds of stupid things.

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