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A Man From Rajasthan goes ATM to withdraw Rs 3,500 But Luckily gets Rs 70,000 instead!

A Man from Rajasthan goes to an ATM to withdraw an amount of Rs 3,500 but luckily he gets Rs…

By Administrator in Viral on January 20, 2017

A Man from Rajasthan goes to an ATM to withdraw an amount of Rs 3,500 but luckily he gets Rs 70,000.His Name “Jitesh Diwaker” ,According to the HT report, He is a resident of Tonk. When he visited to ATM to withdraw Rs 3500,The ATM machine got interrupted while processing and dispensed an amount of Rs 70,000.However Jitesh didn’t expected the  windfall of money coming to his way.
More that Two months ago , Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation of high value currency.Peoples got troubled of not any cash and no cash in the ATMs. At that time only when all others peoples were struggling and all the ATMs got dried up , there Jitesh had his lucky stars shining upon him.

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However Jitesh also complained the manager of the Local Bank Of Baroda about the malfunctioning of the ATM.He explained him all the case fo getting Rs 70,000 while withdrawing Rs 3,500.By the time it was shut, the ATM had already dispensed an amount of Rs 6.76 lakh.
As according to the India Today report,it is being stated that this all happens due to mix-up of the money slots.Rs 2,000 notes must been loaded in the slot of Rs 100.So the ATM machine went haywire and get malfunctioned.
Be that as it may, conversing with HT, boss chief of the bank’s collectorate hover in Tonk, Harishankar Meena said Rs 2,000 notes can’t be in fact stacked in the Rs 100 space in light of the fact that the sensors won’t recognize it. It appears Diwakar was the main individual who announced the issue. The authorities are presently following the other people who pulled back cash from the ATM.
Another HT report guarantees that now an ATM in Jamunamukh, in focal Assam administered four circumstances the cash that was looked for. This prompted to a tremendous surge of individuals at the ATM, which the police in the long run controlled.

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