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A local cable channel of Puducherry ‘Shakthi TV’ has telecasts leaked copy of ‘Udta Punjab’

Local cable channel of Puducherry, ‘Shakthi TV’ has reportedly played the entire ‘Udta Punjab‘ movie before it’s release. Shakti TV is famous for showing pirated versions of the latest Bollywood movies. It was pointed out by none other than Tamil actor Suriya.

According to this Mumbai Mirror report, the Bombay High Court has alerted police officials to extend all kinds of support to ban any online links to the lead copy of ‘Udta Punjab. They have already banned 600 links and are on the lookout for more.

A local cable channel in Puducherry aired full Udta Punjab movie on Thursday before it’s release. A Puducherry based channel called Shakthi TV has done this.

Shakti Tv‘ is owned by a person named Shakthi, who has been arrested before because of committing this crime. Following the leak, Anurag Kashyap made a statement on Facebook, requesting audiences to watch the downloaded version of ‘Udta Punjab‘ only on Saturday. But a Puducherry based local cable TV channel played the censored film on Thursday.


Udta Punjab has had enough to go through, having appeared from the censor board’s cuts and ‘A’ certificate. The movie was finally allowed to be screened with just one cut. It was then leaked on torrent sites for all to download. But seems like this especially got into the wrong hands.

In the small Union area of Puducherry, there are three Multiple System Operators or MSOs and at least 45 TV channels. Most of them are known to play pirated movies in open violation of the law. Udta Punjab has now released all over the nation on Friday and a film is suggesting a good response from the audience. Surprisingly, the film has reached out to more audiences.

Featured Image Source:www.thenewsminute.com

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