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A Hungry Goat From U.P Eats Up The Owners Money Worth Rs 66,000! *BURP*

In Kanpur, a hungry goat gave a big shock to its owner by eating his currency notes which were worth Rs 66,000. This incident took place on Monday in Kannauj district of Uttar Pradesh at Siluapur Village. The owner kept the money in his trouser pocket.

According to the news by Time Of India, the notes were of Rs 2000. The owner Sarvesh Kumar Pal who is a farmer had kept the money for the construction work which is going on in his house. When Sarvesh Pal was taking bath the goat got the opportunity to eat the currency notes. Until Pal got an alarm about the goat chewing the notes he could just save on two notes of 2000, even these two notes were in damaged. And the remaining 31 notes were in goat’s stomach.

A Hungry Goat From U.P Eats Up The Owners Money Worth Rs 66,000! *BURP* 1

Sarvesh Kumar Pal said, “I was taking a bath and the money was kept in the pocket of my trousers. Notorious for eating all kinds of paper products, the goat seized the chance to munch on its favourite food. What to do, my goat is like a child to me.” He added, “Later, two notes wet in saliva could be retrieved in a damaged condition.”

The neighbors and the villagers are coming to Sarvesh’s house to see the goat and many are even clicking selfies with the goat.

Sarvesh said many of them suggested to take the goat to veterinarians and give some medicine to goat so that it vomits out the money. Many of them asked me to sell the goat to a butcher as it has brought misfortune to us. A neighbor of Sarvesh Pal suggested to hand over the goat to police as it had committed a serious crime. But the calm Sarvesh and his wife said, “We can’t be cruel to our pet. It is like our own child.”

Awwwww!!!! So Sweet of them.

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