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A doctor was charged Rs 4 lakh at a toll plaza in Mangaluru instead of Rs 40

From the time Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared demonetisation on 8th November 2016 all the people have gone crazy for cash. After demonetisation, almost all the shops depends on digital money and swiping cards for all transactions. Tea stalls on the roads to big malls, grocery shops all use these machines. We have got a report about a doctor who was charged Rs. 4 Lakh at a toll plaza instead of Rs. 40.
This incident took place on 11th March around 10:30 pm in Mangaluru at Gundmi toll gate on the Kochi-Mumbai National Highway near Udupi. According to Times of India reports, police identified the man, and he was Dr. Rao in a chauffeur-driven car, and he was on his way to Mumbai. At night his car was stopped at the toll gate, Dr. Rao took his card to pay Rs. 40 as a toll.
A doctor was charged Rs 4 lakh at a toll plaza in Mangaluru instead of Rs 40 1
As he gave his card the toll attendant swiped his card and gave him the receipt of toll money. After the transaction, the doctor got an SMS from the bank on his phone at this time he realized that instead of Rs.40, Rs.4 Lakh was deducted from his account. Dr. Rao took this situation to the toll attendants, but they refuse to accept their mistake. Dr. tried to explain them for almost two hours, but they didn’t help him out.
Then from the toll gate, the Doctor went to Kota about 5kms away. Around 1 AM he went to the police station to file a complaint. The head constable came with him to the toll gate.
Finally, the toll counter staff accepted that the attendant entered the wrong amount and said to repay the amount by cheque. After they had agreed to give money through cheque, the doctor wanted the money in cash.
Further, the toll staff contacted senior officers of the company and arranged to pay the amount of  Rs 3,99,960 in cash around 4 AM.

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