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A Beggar Came to Shahrukh For Food, What He Did Next Is A Reason Why He Is Called King Khan

They say Bollywood celebrities live their life better than us, yes it is true, but there are some of the stars who are humble and connected to their roots. One of the examples is Shahrukh Khan. We all know SRK is one of the best humble, kind-hearted stars who often takes out time to bond with his fans. He even did a movie called Fan. SRK is known as King Khan of Bollywood.
Shahrukh is the biggest star in the whole country but when it come’s to heart he is so humble. Recently, Shahrukh Khan and director Anand L Rai went for dinner to discuss the next film. They had the conversation for a long time, by the time they ended their meeting it was early morning.
When Shahrukh came out of the restaurant and went to his car, a beggar came to him and asked for some food. The beggar kept telling him how he was waiting for him to come out so he can meet him. As it’s expected from SRK, he not only greeted the beggar but kept his hand on his head and asked his team to get food for him before he went inside the car.
All the photographers who were there, they confirmed that later SRK’s bodyguard Ravi arranged food for the beggar.

This is the reason why he is called King Khan and a celebrity with a kind heart. We Love You SRK!

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