Around 50 feet tall effigy of liquor baron Vijay Mallya is placed at Worli BDD Chawls on Tuesday. The effigy will be set on fire on Holi day today. The anger among st the public against Vijay Mallya has been ever growing, when Mallya left the country after non bailable warrants were issued against him. The anger against Mallya is palpable and is now visibly pouring out for all to see.

Mallya, who fled the country to escape the crore-load of debt he owes, refused to travel back to India last week to appear before the Enforcement Directorate. He is also yet to respond to an order that directs him to appear in Mumbai.

The residents Worli BDD Chawls very creatively have the text pasted across the effigy in Hindi saying “Bhaag Mallya Bhaag”. The locals plan on setting fire to the effigy in protest to Mallya’s doings on the night before Holi as a grand gesture of protest.

Not only Mallya, Mumbaikars also burned the idol related to corruption in 2015. The effigy of choice? The good old netaji, of course.

Source: Twitter

Pretty much absconding from the whole matter, Vijay Mallya seems almost unperturbed.