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A 5-year-old boy was Handcuffed as Donald Trump felt he was a threat to USA.

Humanity is lowest, and it’s so hard to believe. While we remember our childhood playing enjoying life to the fullest some have to face such vulnerable incident. After the Donald Trump decision of banning seven states having a Muslim-majority community, there has been a lot of chaos with the immigration of people from the USA to other countries.
A five-year-old boy was handcuffed for consecutively five long hours and held in custody for being an Iranian which seemed to be a threat to the United States of America according to President Donald Trump. Not only that one boy there were 100 of other people who were detained at Washington Dulles International Airport on Saturday. The mother of the boy was waiting for him at the airport as he arrived with another family from Iran.

The boy was then identified by Senator Chris Van Hollen as a US citizen who lives in Maryland. Hollen called it “outrageous” that the boy is detained for so long under custody even when the authorities were informed before his arrival.  Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer say that it would be foolish to think that a five-year-old cannot be a threat and the gender age aspect cannot be considered.

Here are some tweets of people’s reaction to the whole incident.


While returning to his mother the little boy was showered with kisses by his mother and there media reports spread after a while on the Internet and International media. There would be this strict all the while for these countries taking a strong stand on what Trump had announced after he became the President of America.

Here is the full speech of Donald Trump’s speaker announcing about the Ban of seven Muslim-majority states.


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