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7 Places To Travel In India On A Low Budget !

All of us know who travel as a hobby can get fairly pricey, thereby having the potential to impede our…

By Administrator in Travel on December 3, 2015

All of us know who travel as a hobby can get fairly pricey, thereby having the potential to impede our desire to go places all around the world. However, what if you’re deeply snapped at by a travel bug that’s irresistible? You need to be on the move, all the time.

India is consistently ranked as one of the best countries to travel on a budget and within India there are several cities that can make your idea of taking a trip even better and cheaper. So, if you have this enticing urge to constantly wander and experience the beauty of this world on a reasonable budget, below is a list of 9 of the most amazing Indian cities that can make this possible for you.

1. Goa:


Goa is one of the most touristy places in India and yet I’d never say that it’s overrated. Everyone needs to come across the spirit of Goa at least once in their lifetimes. This delightful and blithe Indian state has some of the best beaches, restaurants, home-stays and churches in the country. When you’re in Goa, you can find the cheapest of accommodation options, rent a bike and roam around, eat at small yet incredible food joints, spend hours on the beach, take a dip in the sea and also, consume very cheap liquor. Up for a party? Goa is your place! Image Source – Here

2. Varanasi:


Who said that the lust to travel cannot be merged with an essence of spirituality? Varanasi (Benaras) is one of the seven holy cities of Hinduism and is continually sprouting with the purity and divinity that it withholds. There are a large number of guesthouses and hotels that can fit well within every budget. Also, Varanasi offers amazing yet affordable food options and striking locations for tourists. Just take a walk along the ghats or marvel in the colorful vibrancy of the city and its temples. Image Source – Here

3. Pondicherry:


They call it the French Riviera of the East because of the incredible French influences in the Union Territory even today. Pondicherry has it all: beauty, tranquility, great food, excellent wine, pristine beaches, peerless French infrastructure, wonderful Ashrams and a pleasing culture, all at affordable prices. Stay at the Auroville Ashram for a highly reasonable accommodation expense and a fulfilling Pondicherry experience. Image Source – Here

4. McLeod Ganj:


This picturesque city is a suburb of Dharamshala and is extremely popular with travelers who look forward to some out-of-the-world experiences. You just need to take a train to Dharamshala and then move on to McLeod Ganj through a looping bus route or a private car. This place offers you with some of most reasonably priced and outstanding places to stay, marvelous eating joints and cafes, wonderful museums, temples and galleries, and cheap guided treks. Image Source – Here

5. Gokarna:


A faultless beach town in Karnataka, Gokarna is admired by Indians and foreigners alike. It is the idyllic travel destination for those in search of quietude, splendor and some appealing places of worship. You can stay at one of the multiple guest-houses and home stays at cheap prices and spend days without really worrying about the expense of living through a town as pristine as this. Image Source – Here

6. Hampi:

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If you love architecture and take pleasure in marveling over the magnificence of palaces, temples, and incredible royal buildings, then, I am sure Hampi will take your heart away. People spend days and weeks in this wonderful city in Karnataka where traveling finds an altogether different manifestation. You can stay at any of the affordable cottages or hotels, rent a bicycle or a bike, eat out at amazing eateries and experience a kind of survival that doesn’t exist in most other places. Image Source – Here

7. Kodaikanal:


Located in Tamil Nadu, about 7200 ft above the sea level, Kodaikanal is called the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’. It clutches to an unexplainable magnificence and boasts of some of the best street food at the lowest prices. There are lovely places to stay which would never burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, you can try your hand at a few adventurous activities or just revel in the incredible beauty of nature. Image Source – Here

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