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9 Places In Delhi That Every Momo Lover Should Visit Atleast Once!

Momo’s are something that everyone loves to eat no matter of what age one is, no matter if he or…

By Administrator in Featured Food on March 5, 2016

Momo’s are something that everyone loves to eat no matter of what age one is, no matter if he or she is a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Momo had made a long way from north-west to everywhere in India specially in the Capital city Delhi. Having grown in Delhi, One of the most loved street food is Momo‘ with a pinch of spicy chutney accompanied along.

So, here are Top 9 places that every Momo lover in Delhi should at least visit once and have their sparkling taste-bud blossom with yummiest Momo’s ever:

1. Dolma Aunty Momos:

Dolma Aunty Momos

She has been selling momo’s from last 20 years. Shoppers who come to Lajpat Nagar definitely make it a point to stop by at Dolma Aunty Momos and have some toothsome momo’s with a fiery spicy red chutney. The best part is that they are priced reasonably, so you can eat all you want.

Where: Lajpat Nagar, Central Market

Nearest Metro Station: Lajpat Nagar

Price: INR 40 per plate

2. Cafe Brown Sugar:


Located in the busy Defense Colony Market. Cafe Brown Sugar offers some of the best Momo’s in town. The healthy wheat momos which come in both vegetarian & non-vegetarian are the signature items of Brown Sugar. You can even try Mushroom, Chicken, Paneer & Spinach Momo’s aswell.

Where: First Floor, 36, Main Market, Defence Colony

Nearest Metro Station: Kailash Colony

Price: Starting at INR 160 per plate

3. Momo’s Point:

Momo’s Point

Momo’s Point at Kamla Nagar is a hit among-st college students. Tandoori momo’s and pork momo’s are especially worth a mention and if you are looking for something unique then you should really try Masala momo’s. They also serves authentic Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisines. Owing to its popularity, the place is often crowded by Delhi University students. You can also try varieties of Soups, Thukpa and Choupsey.

Where: 27 UB, Jawahar Nagar,Kamla Nagar

Nearest Metro Station: Vishwavidyalaya

Price: Starting at INR 80 for one plate

4. QD’s Restaurant:

QD’s Restaurant

QD’s serves both Indian and Chinese. One of the most famous Momo at the QD’s is Tandoori Momo’s, From the very beginning of time. QD’s were probably the first place to bring in a tandoori twist to momo’s which is Sprinkled with chaat masala, They also do great Thupkas and soups. It is Located on the busy roads of the Delhi University zone (both North and South Campus) The restaurant’s outlet in North Delhi only makes best Tandoori Momo’s.

Where: 2520 Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp

Nearest Metro Station: GTB Nagar

Price: Starting at INR 130 per plate

5. Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen:

Yeti, The Himalayan Kitchen

The Himalayan Kitchen Known for Bhutanese, Sikkimese and Tibetan food. One of the most famous menu item is aloo momos. The restaurant gives you a feel of Kathmandu with its ambiance that includes brick walls, Tibetan flags & lanterns. You cannot leave this place without trying their Pork Momos. Newari momo with sesame sauce are the other best Momo’s to try from the menu.

Where: Hauz Khas Village

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Price: Rs 235 for Veg Momos
Rs 185 for Non-Veg Momos (Chicken, Mutton & Buff)


So Guys These Are Top 9 places In Delhi Who Serve Some Of The Best Momo’s, If You think there Are More Places That We Should Head Out And Discover Please Comment below And Let us Know About it.

Bon Apetite!

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