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80 Year-Old Hindu Brutally Beaten For Eating During Fasting Hours Of Ramazan!

A 80 Year-Old Hindu man was beaten until he was left bleeding by off duty police constable in Pakistan for eating during the fasting month of Ramadan. The incident took place when Gokul Das was eating biryani outside his home at 6.30 PM, exactly 40 minutes before iftaar, the ceremonial daily end of the Islamic fasting period. The Biryani was given to Gokul Das in charity on Friday afternoon. The cop, Ali Hassan along with his brother Mir Hassan, threw the Hindu man on the ground and started beating him with baton.

After beating Gokul Das, the duo left him in bleeding on the ground. However, the passerbys took the old man to nearby hospital in Mirpur Mathelo where he was treated.

Pakistani Vote Facebook
Pakistani Vote Facebook

After photos showing an injured Gokal Das went viral, local Inspector General Sindh A.D. Khawaja took notice and ordered immediate arrest of Ali Hassan Haidrani and his brother Mir Hassan who have been booked under Sections 337, 504 and 506/2 of Pakistan Penal Code for assaulting the senior citizen.

According to Ehtiram-e-Ramadan (Respect for Ramadan), a law passed by Pakistani dictator Zia ul Haq, it is illegal to drink or eat in public during Ramadan, no matter what religion you belong to. There have been reports of vigilante violence against minorities who break this law.

The assault on Gokal Das received wide media coverage in Pakistan and was condemned by most Pakistanis, who called for tough action against the culprits Ali Hassan and his brother Mir Hassan.

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