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8 things you should know before having sex for the first time.

Sex is nothing wrong till it’s not forced. You are going to take off your clothes and touch each other. It does not matter when you are having sex after the first date or after three-four dates all it demands is trust. You need to take care of your bodies which are going to get intimate in a while. Your organism are going to word hard it’s important you take all the precautions Here are some things little things you need to know before you loose your virginity:

1.” You need to be safe (*condoms*). This is when you are prepared to loose your virginity but not prepared for pregnancy.


2. “If you think it’s not going to hurt, you are surely in a myth”. Carry your lubricant to make it smoother.


3. “Organism are fantastic, but if you think you will know them in the first go you are expecting too much”.


4. “Sex is not going to be easy for the first time take the time to warm up, take it light and then make it hard”.

warming up

5. “Wear the best lingerie possible, it will arouse your partner and make both of you more excited”.


6. “Sex is not all what you see in porn that’s not all of it”. Oral sex and comfort are more important.

oral sex

7. “Stop having a preconceived notion that the first time you going to have sex with is the only one you are going to stay with life long”.

long relation

8. “Don’t think that he only knows everything about sex, research well before you have sex for the first time”.


Relax! Don’t take it hard just know these facts and enjoy losing your virginity.

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