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8 Easy ways to make your First Kiss *Special Feeling*

The first kiss in any relationship is the best, great and famous kiss. It is the beginning where we know…

By Administrator in Relationship on December 26, 2016

The first kiss in any relationship is the best, great and famous kiss. It is the beginning where we know that things are getting more serious and it is the very first stage of intimacy that you both share with each other. There is nothing to put pressure on each other for making your first kiss the best and perfect kiss to be.

Here are some ways that will guide you towards your first best kiss.

1. Yes..Place and Time

Think about the place that would make you feel and appeal your first kiss more. Planning ahead for your future kiss would make your first kiss dream come true. 

2. Ahhh! Relax

Don’t overthink too much about. If it happens just go with the flow and make your self-important at that moment and make that moment a very special one.

3. Hmmmm..Figure out the directions

Lean your head in the opposite directions and if you scared of bumping into each other just shift his head gently with your hands and feel that moment. Nothing will go wrong then.

4. How Much? What?

If you are initiating the first kiss, just lean the half way. That’s the right amount of space you would give him, to come and meet and kiss you.

5. Argghh! Distractions

Try and find a place and time which is not overcrowded and doesn’t distract when you having your first kiss because it ruins the whole moment. It can be funny or even an awkward situation as well.

6. Please! Breathe Fresh

If you think that the time is near for your first kiss please carry some mint and breathe fresh.

7. Tied Tongue

Don’t use your tongue, let things build up. Go slow. Feel his lips and then have an intense kiss when you that it’s the right time. 

8. How Long? How Long?

First kisses are always small. Don’t be scared, lean behind after every few seconds and let him come closer to you and start it again.

Have Fun! Enjoy and Feel the Special Moment with your love!

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