A 7th Class student from Indore tries to commit suicide. It is said that the boy took up the challenge of Blue Whale Game and was trying to jump off from the third floor of the school building. Luckily, his classmates saved him. This incident took place on Thursday.

The Blue Whale Game is created by a Russian boy who is now in the Jail. As earlier we informed you about the creator and he even told why he made this type of game. The game psychologically inspires the player to do daring tasks. The game is of 50 days and at the end to win the player needs to kill themselves. Each and every task need to give proof to the manager.

V P Sharma, the Rajendra Nagar Police Station in-charge inspector says, the incident took place on Thursday at city’s Chameli Devi Public School. As soon as the assembly was finished the boy tried to commit suicide.

Class 7 student attempts suicide, Blue Whale Challenge

This is the second case of Blue Whale Challenge in India. The first one was in Mumbai a 14-year-old student attempt suicide, but at least this Indore student was saved. The Mumbai student jumped from the terrace of his building on 1st August. The Mumbai Police haven’t confirmed that the 14- year boy committed suicide to take up the Blue Whale Challange.

A day before the Indore incident, Pune Police saved another 14-year old boy who played the Blue Whale game and left his home.

Class 7 student attempts suicide, Blue Whale Challenge

A 7th class Indore boy was saved by his classmate’s involvement. They noticed he was leaning insecurely from the third floor of the school. The classmate’s thought may be he is looking down at something, but the way he was bending they realized he might fall down. They ran to him and caught and shouted for help.

As they were shouting for help, the school’s physical education teacher Farooq Shaikh went to help and saved the boy. Farooq Shaikh said, they took him to the Principal’s office, there he admitted that he was attempting suicide as a part of Blue Whale Challenge. He used to play this game on his father’s phone.

The boy was at 50th day i.e, the final day of the challenge where the controllers had forced him to commit suicide.

Soon after the incident, the School Principal Sangeeta Podar informed the police and the boy’s parents. Sangeeta Podar said to media, they had counseled the boy and his father. The boy was quite good in studies and was normal. However, the school has not given the name of the student as it will harm him emotionally.