Anjali Ramkissoon who made headlines last week when her video of attacking an Uber driver went all viral on the internet has recently appeared on live television to apologize for her drunken tantrum. Since video of the scene she made in a Miami street after a night out went viral, Anjali Ramkissoon has been put on paid administrative leave from the Jackson Health Systems, where she is a fourth-year neurology resident. She appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday morning to explain what led her to snap that night, and apologized publicly for her actions.

Watch the video here:


She said –

“I did it and I’m ashamed of what I did and this would never happen again,” she said. “At the same time, I think that I should also speak out to send a message out to people and the public to be careful and use my story as a lesson to be careful what you do in public because the things that we do can be taped and we can have to suffer severe ramifications for these things.”

Watch to know her side of the story.