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7 Useful Hacks To Keep Your Phone Battery Running All Day Long

In the present scenario, we cannot even think of surviving without our smartphones. It’s become an essential part of our…

By Administrator in Smartphones on April 21, 2017

In the present scenario, we cannot even think of surviving without our smartphones. It’s become an essential part of our lives. With the number of applications to stay connected socially, be it banking, be it paying the bills, be it taking pictures or videos our smartphone comes to our rescue.So we cannot imagine our mobile phones turning off in the mid of any work. Hence, here are 7 handy tips for longer battery life.

1. Disable Unwanted Notifications

We get notifications for almost everything be it an email, Whatsapp, facebook, trending news, high scores from different games, to update an application etc.. So it’s better to filter the unwanted notifications and save the battery life.

2. Choose Dark Wallpaper / Theme

The darker the wallpaper or the screen saver the lesser the consumption of the battery. As the battery is used more when white or light colored picture/themes are used. Usage of animated screen saver also eats up the battery. The simpler, the darker better for your precious battery life.


3. Put On Auto – Lock

Even when the phone is idle our screen is at work and it stays lit for a specific time. To avoid unnecessary battery consumption enable the automatic lock to 30 seconds or more depending on the usage.

4. Close Application

The best part of our smartphones is that it is multitasking.You name it and the work is done in a flick of seconds. We switch over to different applications and websites so fast that at times we forget to close them. Even though an application is not in use or is idle for a period of time then too it drains out the battery. So it’s recommended closing the applications for a longevity of the battery.

5. Turn- Off GPS & Bluetooth

These two are the most significant features that drain out the battery at a very high speed. So it’s better to switch it on when required and turn off when not in use.


6. Wi-Fi

It helps us save the mobile data consumption on our phones. It’s better to let it run when wi-fi service is plugged in at our home or work network, because if it’s out of the hotspot then the phone would continuously keep on scanning for the wi-fi network available. Hence, on and off the wi-fi as per the requirement.


7. Use vibration mode when required

Smartphones consume high amount of battery on vibration mode and especially when it is turned on for notifications, phone calls, messages etc… To ensure that the battery stays whole day it is better to avoid the vibration mode.


Smartphones can do anything so that our lives are a bit hassle free.

With the number of applications required, it tends to consume more battery.These hacks are easier ways to have a long lasting battery on our smartphones.

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