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7 traits which portray that you are an independent woman!

There are some girls who don’t wish for a hero, they have one in themselves. They are not princesses, but…

By Abhinav D Anand in Life Hacks on June 2, 2017

There are some girls who don’t wish for a hero, they have one in themselves. They are not princesses, but the self-crowned queens, with heads, held high, and fire in their eyes. This kind of girls shapes their own destiny and challenges the set conventions. Even the gray world can’t keep them from shining.Here are the seven traits of an independent and ambitious girl, see if you are one of them –

1. Confident –

She is comfortable in her own skin and is much more than mere looks. She is the one in charge of her life, and is not afraid of challenges and making mistakes. The shine of her courage will set your hearts aflame.


2. Open minded –

She is not a kind of person who will judge you. She doesn’t impose her beliefs on others and accepts all of the life’s perspectives, and realities doing her thing in peace. She is the one who guides the angels and laughs with the Devils.

Source: Twitter / @priyankachopra

3. Optimistic –

She has an optimistic approach towards life. She doesn’t cling on to the past, and maintains a balance between her present and the future. Trust me, there is more to her than you choose to believe.

4. Goal oriented –

She has a set objective, is clear about her goals, and she believes in herself. One way or another she knows how to get what she wants. Life is too short to live with regrets, isn’t it?


5. Inspiring –

She has a strong personality as of an untamed wildlife who is always ready to fan your flames. Even when tired and broken herself she still holds herself just to be someone’s definition of motivation. She’s not the jealous type because she is smart enough to understand no two souls are the same.


6. Professional –

She is completely dedicated when it comes to her work. Irrespective of all the personal storms going on she is the one who will always prioritize her professional commitments.


7. Real –

No one has the time for pointless drama, and she knows it well. She keeps it real; if she doesn’t fit in she doesn’t stay. To fit is to limit, and she doesn’t want that in the world filled with countless opportunities.


She defines beautiful in her own way because confidence and intelligence will never stop being beautiful.

Are you one of a kind?

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