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7 Things we’re dying to know from GAME OF THRONES Season 6 Premiere!

For the first time since ‘Game of Thrones’ first aired in 2011, there’s a real sense of mystery surrounding the…

By Administrator in Hollywood on April 23, 2016

For the first time since ‘Game of Thrones’ first aired in 2011, there’s a real sense of mystery surrounding the upcoming season. Not because the showrunners are clumsy and give the plots away easily, but because for the very first time the show will venture into a territory not explored in the novels.

Fans of the show know full well that in the epic saga, no one is truly safe. Creator George R.R. Martin has reiterated that for us time and time again. But the one’s who’ve read the books always have sported a smug look on their faces before the start of every season, knowing where it will lead. This time, they’re trembling with fear and anticipation with the rest of us.

So before Season 6 premiers on April 24, here’s a list of questions we’re dying to know the answers to:

1. Is Jon Snow dead?


Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way first. HBOs synopsis says he’s dead. But the actor’s pictures keep cropping up from the sets. Many believe that he will be resurrected by Melisandre or the White Walkers, but Harington was never spotted with any extensive makeup. There are more theories, but nows not the time. Jon Snow was the underdog everyone was rooting for. If he’s gone, it going to leave a Westeros size void in our hearts.

2. Are Danny’s days of ruling over?


The end of Season 5 we saw Daenerys being attacked, saved and later approached by a Dothraki horde. The trailer shows her being stripped and paraded in front of a Dothraki ruler, while Tyrion tries to rule in her wake. With the mother of dragons alone and captured, are her days of ruling the city of Meereen over for good?

3. What was Bran Stark upto?


Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger around a crippled Bran Stark. Season 5 had no mention of him. So will someone please tell us where the hell Bran was and what he was up to? And how is he standing? Did he…?

4. Will Arya Stark see again?


At the end of Season 5, Arya defied the ‘many faced god’ and was turned blind as punishment. Although rumour has it that Arya will regain her eyesight, it might be a while before she does. But now that she has started killing people off her list, we really want to see her complete her training and get on with the revenge. We’ve seen enough of her selling oysters, clams and cockles!

5. What happens to Ser Davos & Melisandre?


With King Stannis gone, both Ser Davos and Melisandre are without a leader. Although we see glimpses of them in the trailer, we’re not sure if they will really make an impact. Rumours have it that Ser Davos might have some business left at the wall and Melisandre, for the first time, is seeking answers rather than answering them. We really hope there is more to the two that just soul searching.

6. Can Sansa trust Theon?


Ok, it looks like she ‘can’ because he helped her escape. But, Theon has disappointed us more times than we care to count. So, there’s always scope for betrayal there. And everyone Sansa has met in the past has only tried to use her. Can she really trust someone, even if it is Theon, again so soon? Or does she have revenge on her mind?

7. Will the Lannisters pay their debts?


Everyone hated Cersei Lannister right from the beginning of the show till the point in time she was made to strip naked and walk the streets. All of a sudden, hatred turned into pity. Now everyone wants to see her take revenge. Not because we hate the high sparrow, but because we think that Cersei is the only Lannister alive who can show the extent to which a Lannister can go to pay their debts. And boy did we get excited when she said, ‘I choose violence’ in the trailer.

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