There was a time when love, romance, affair was a very slow process. It all used to start when you were thinking about your crush and then discussing it with your friends and then having red cheeks when they start teasing you.

Even when you saw your crush in a party for just a minute, he or she would be on your mind for the whole night. Those innocent glances are exchanged, and till the time you gather the courage to ask your crush for a coffee date its been weeks.

Today, if you would take so long to ask for a coffee date, your crush must be having 200 people on Facebook and you must be having the crush on hundreds of people on Instagram and other social media platforms.

1. Awwwww! Those love letters.

love letter

2. The love chits which didn’t hurt.

love chits

3. Those beautiful Red Roses.


4. My hand in his hands and those long walks.

long walks

5. Little gifts that made us smile.

little gifts

6. No sweeter blank calls from your crush.

blank calls

7. Novels left empty without the smell of those lovely roses.

dry rose

I wish that someone would all these for me! Do you wish the same?