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7 Things that prove your boy friend is the best in the world

We have talked a lot about ‘relationship goals’ and ‘marriage goals’ but this post takes a leap forward and discusses…

By Abhinav D Anand in Relationship on May 31, 2017

We have talked a lot about ‘relationship goals’ and ‘marriage goals’ but this post takes a leap forward and discusses ‘boyfriend goals’. Social media is flooded with images, videos and messages wherein boyfriends claim their love for their girl. But let’s look at the bigger picture here. You may also come across men in your life who are not very socially expressive yet they could be the oh-so-perfect-man in your life. Your love story could also be a fairytale like if you boyfriend does these 7 things that prove he is the greatest boyfriend in this world.

1. Your wish is his command –

If your boyfriend like a genie fulfills all your wishes, there is nothing more that needs to be told here. You are the most important thing in his life.


2. He is never short of surprises –

Who doesn’t like surprises and coming from your special someone, it feels more extraordinary. If your boyfriend does everything in a possibility to happily surprise you every single time, it’s time to count your blessings.


3. He gives you the largest share of his time –

Despite his work priorities and hectic schedules, he never compromises on his time with you. If he gives you all his attention, even without asking for it, trust me, girl, it’s the rarest thing.


4. He is the man of his words –

If your boyfriend promises to take you out for a movie or date, and he keeps his words no matter what, there is no doubt that he loved you madly.


5. He is never angry with you –

Even when you do or say something stupid, your man dismisses it casually and later tries to make you understand your fault, he is the best man for you. His love and respect for you are much more than any other feeling possible.


6. Your parents approve of him –

If a father approves a man for his daughter, trust me there is more to it than him just being charming. You can be assured that he is best for you and will cuddle himself around you to shield from all things harsh in this world.


7. He brings out the best in you –

Your boyfriend loves you for what you are yet at the same time he is your biggest critic. He will lovingly explain your faults, advice you and sometimes even scold you for your mistakes. After his presence in your life, you have witnessed positive changes in your life.


So even if your boyfriend is not flaunting his love for you in the social media and still doing most of these things, you can be sure that you have the best boy friend in the world.

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