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7 Romantic gifts you can give your Boyfriend in 2017 under your budget of Rs 1000 and which he will actually like.

When it comes to giving a romantic gift to a girl, it’s easy because girls are happy with a bouquet…

By Administrator in Relationship on January 12, 2017

When it comes to giving a romantic gift to a girl, it’s easy because girls are happy with a bouquet of flowers or even a big box of chocolate. But for boys, if you think it’s easy. It is not that easy as it is for women! If you search the web for ideas about the gifts for your boy, they will give you ideas about writing the love letter or even letters which says ‘open when’ and hundreds of different DIY ideas. Your boy will think that yes they are cute, but after a certain point in time, they will think that why did she give me this?

If you want to give your man a romantic gift which he will like and he will fall for you more. Here are some ideas you can have a look at.

1. A Photo Frame

The easiest gift and the simplest gift which you can gift your boyfriend is a couple of photo frame. It is not only expensive, but it also suits your pocket, it is sweet as well as sentimental. You and your boyfriend might be having a cute photoshoot. Whatever couple you are, he will love a picture of him and his favorite girl.


2. Plan a vacation

Wondering how would you go on a vacation under the budget of 1000 rupees? You can book hotel and tickets on a discount of 50% to 60% on websites like Make My Trip. If your boy is a hard worker, you can plan and add a holiday to the list of his gifts. You can obviously take him to a regular trip or a romantic city or one day resort. Regardless of the destination, you can make the trip romantic in the room as well. There’s something about hotels and resorts that make couples extra cozy so that you can take advantage of that feeling for a day!


3. Give him Breakfast in Bed

Everybody knows how to kick start morning in a romantic way, after that you can gift him a little breakfast on his bed. It is not compulsory it should be sensual or romantic, you both can even replenish it with a lot of energy. It is not that you need to make a huge breakfast with a lot of hard work, you can also serve little fruit or champagne will go a long way.


4. Candlelight Dinner.

The later companion after the breakfast in bed, you can plan a great dinner for your boyfriend. To set a great sensual mood, you can put on candles all over the room and play slow and romantic music and bring out the wine glasses. With wine, you can even opt for dessert and a good meal.


5. Give Naughty Coupons.

You must be feeling adventurous, and if you are feeling so, you can gift your boyfriend naughty coupons which will be his favorite gift! There are tons of ideas which be put in coupons, from choosing his fantasy or giving him a chance to choose his favorite sex position or you can even keep some coupons blank and let him choose from that decide what he wants to do.


6.Lingerie according to his preferences

Gifting your man with lingerie might seem like the best gift, it’s something he’s sure to love! Some boyfriends have their preferences, and he may love to see you in either silk, satin, or lace. You can turn this into a gift according to his preferences. But the best past will be when you allow him to remove it.


7. Give Sexy Massage

Why not start the night with a sexy massage? Instead of sending your boyfriend to the massage parlor you can be the masseuse for the night. It will not only give your boy to relax but it will also give you the time to spend together. You can set rose petals and candles to set the picture.


Are you feeling particularly giving something to your boy and yet confused! Sometimes it seems like boy and romance just don’t mix, but with these sexy romantic gifts, we’re sure you’re bound to find something your boyfriend will love!

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