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7 reasons why falling in love with your Best friend is not less than a disaster.

Best friend break up is worst than relationship break-ups. What if you fall in love with your best friend by…

By Administrator in Relationship on December 15, 2016

Best friend break up is worst than relationship break-ups. What if you fall in love with your best friend by chance and becomes one-way love relationship. Friendship is something which stays forever but when lovy-dovy feelings enter it will ruin it. Those commitments, jealousy, expectations all become a pile of tension on your relation. Here are some exact reasons why being in a relationship with your best friend will screw up everything.

1. “Expectations and Disappointments enter”.

Best friends have their own way of expecting things from each other but when it comes to a relationship the expectation increase you want them every moment which becomes a restriction in their personal life.

2. “Your dates would be nothing new, no left communication”.

You have been sharing all your happiness and sorrow with your best mate from a very long time so there is nothing much left to talk about anything new. It also creates an awkward feeling of getting more physically touchy which is far from best friend relations.

3. “Unfortunately, things will change”.

Being in a relationship is very different than having a strong friendship. When you start loving your friend your way of expecting things with hi you wish things which she/he might probably not be comfortable with and then it creates arguments.

4. “Your fights increase for no valid reason”.

You both will not be able to understand a valid reason behind your fights and the quarrel will continue and lead to major fights. Time will get tough and the only thing you want would be to get that friendship missing back.

5. “Romance expected would never come to you”.

You feel for a person only when you love them that’s when romance is joyful. Expecting a friend to romance just because of your one-sided love would actually be wrong by your side. Friendship is far stronger than a relationship.

6. “If you breakup, you even loose your best friend”.

Breakups are worse when its best friend breakups. You loose everything the person whom you could laugh cry with share every secret with all goes and you are left all alone. That’s when you have made yourself ruin your life.

7. “Finally, friendship is missed”.

Friendship will always be missed if turns into love. Your relationship can never be that strong as your best friend relation was and then you start regretting. One-sided love is not bad but it will surely ruin you if you do not manage it to turn it into a beautiful relationship.

Don’t let regression grab a room in your heart. Enjoy your silly Best friend relation, they are wonderful.

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