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7 reasons which proves that you are lucky if you have a elder sister.

Sisters are blessing the more of a mother she will behave if she is the elder one. We will never…

By Administrator in Relationship on December 15, 2016

Sisters are blessing the more of a mother she will behave if she is the elder one. We will never accept that we will love each other, but deep down we are the best caretakers of each other. She is my all time support system from late night parties to bunking and lying to parents secrets are never out even if we fight the most. Hre are the all the reason why having an elder sister is so much peace:

1. She is your best shopping partner.

Your elder sister says a ‘Yes’ to the top you liked moderately you will still pick it up because you know it will suit you. It’s most easy to go shopping with her she knows your choice of accessory, clothing everything. Even if your budget goes a little high just please her twice or thrice and there she melts.


2. She is your Best friend.

Best friends are hard to find because the best one is already mine. We have always heard this but what will be more amazing than having a best friend at your home itself. Whenever you need to share your happiness and sorrows she is there to help you and you don’t need to go anywhere. Yes! agreed you hate sharing your bed with her. (*no option*)


3. She is always protective.

Oops! I got hurt just say this and notice her she will be the most tensed person maybe she won’t ever show you but cares the most. She will be your mother sometimes you don’t like it but it will always be good for you. Enjoy her company you are going to miss it.


4. Her wardrobe, My wardrobe.

Woahhhoo! That’s the best part of having an elder sister. Trust me, it’s always going to, fortunately, happen that you and elder will have the same size of clothes fitting you both even you’re shoe size are same and that’s a plus point for every younger sibling.

hate sharing

5. She knows you the most.

Even if you do not stay at home often and meet your sister only at night. She will still know all your habits everything about you because she is bearing you and sharing her place since you were born. No friend can be compared with her no one.


6. Sharing isn’t Caring.

If you are the elder one all sympathy to you for bearing your younger sister. From the toys in childhood to clothes when teen you have to share it with her. She is your sister after all but the most hurting is when you have to share your bedroom with her. She is always going to pop-up when you need peace.


7. My secret-keeper.

How much ever you both have fought early morning she is there in the evening for you to lie to your parents just because you want to enjoy your night out. Fights are like necessary but secrets are the promises they share with each other. They have this bond of trust which is immense.


Yes! I accept she’s the best.

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